Multi Green Fuels™

Aquaflow’s Multi Green Fuels™ are drop-in biofuels blended from multiple biomass waste streams. They are cost-competitive with fossil fuels, can meet a rigid supply contract, and surpass all environmental standards.

Algal biomass

Algae are critical to Aquaflow’s Multi Green Fuels™. Algal biomass is the highest-yielding feedstock that is available in large, sustainable quantities, and produces better quality fuel for a number of applications.

Wild algae

Wild algae are harvested from lakes rivers and wastewater ponds using Aquaflow’s patented technology. Because wild algae absorb pollutants as they grow, extracting them leaves behind cleaner water.

Multiple inputs

To improve the yields that can be obtained from woody feedstocks, algal biomass can be blended with whatever waste biomass is readily available locally, including wood, straw, municipal solids and bagasse. The multiple inputs are converted directly into drop-in fuels under our co-operative technology partnerships. READ MORE »


"Our technologies will play a significant role in addressing the world’s need for clean water and renewable energy."

Nick Gerritsen, Director

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19 August 2012: Aquaflow has won a Red Herring magazine Top 100 Asia Award in Hong Kong. more [PDF]

18 April 2012: Aquaflow is poised to make refining next generation biofuels a commercial reality in New Zealand and in overseas projects within three years. more [PDF]

20 August 2011: Aquaflow signs cooperation agreement with CRI Catalyst Company to develop blended fuels sourced from multiple biomass sources. more [PDF]


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