Our Vision

“Our technologies will play a significant role in addressing the world’s need for clean water and renewable energy.”
Nick Gerritsen, Director

Aquaflow technology seeks to address two, global, strategic issues: the availability of clean water and the security of energy supplies. Aquaflow addresses these issues through the development of complementary technologies that provide usable water and renewable energy, while simultaneously addressing global imperatives to reduce emissions and waste. What results is the potential to create closed loop systems at a local, regional or national level.

Regional Closed Loop System

Freshwater is a limited resource and the quality is under constant pressure from both natural and anthropogenic processes such as sewerage treatment and industrial effluent. Preserving freshwater quality is important for drinking water supply, food production and recreational water use. The issue of quality fresh water is one for both the developed and developing nations. Currently, more than 900 million people do not have access to safe drinking water.

Modern economies rely heavily on access to cheap energy. Uneven geographic distribution, particularly of fossil fuels, makes many countries vulnerable to geopolitical instability. It is important that governments develop energy strategies that incorporate renewable fuel sources.

Water and energy issues are inextricably connected, and Aquaflow’s technologies exploit that connection. Nitrogen and phosphorous levels have been increasing in both freshwater and marine environments and are now considered major contaminants. The source of these nutrients can be from sewerage, run off from agriculture into local catchments and some industrial processes. Aquaflow takes advantage of the ability of naturally occurring algae to remove nutrients from the environment as they photosynthesise, grow and divide.

Aquaflow has a suite of technologies in algae biomass management. Aquaflow is developing technologies for the use of multiple biomass and to optimise algal yield to maximise nutrient remediation and sequester greenhouse gases by removing algae biomass from water bodies. The output of the technologies is cleaner water and a concentrated algal paste. Aquaflow continues to develop technology to then convert that algal paste and other multiple biomass sources to various value added products, including biofuels. Aquaflow technology is protected by patent applications and know how.


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