Producing Biofuels from harvested algae

Producing Biofuels from harvested algae

Aquaflow takes harvested algal biomass and breaks down the algae structure to basic chemical compounds. We call the resulting mixture Green Crude™ as it has many similarities to crude oil recovered from traditional geological oil deposits in the earth’s crust. Black crude is the result of applying heat and pressure to algal biomass on a geological time frame (millions of years). Green Crude™ is the result of applying heat and pressure to algal biomass over the space of a few hours.

Components of the green crude mixture fall into three general categories; petroleum type materials, diesel / jet fuel type materials and other fine chemicals.

In conjunction with the world’s leading refiners, Aquaflow is investigating the optimal means to separate and refine these outputs for high specification end use products.

Aquaflow operates a pilot plant in Nelson, New Zealand which is able to produce Green CrudeTM. Our Nelson facility chemistry programme researches the end product fuels and fine chemicals in a laboratory environment. Two years of research has resulted in a very deep understanding of the chemicals present in the green crude and their potential applications.

Aquaflow is looking for clients who wish to work towards progressive displacement of their current fossil based feedstocks and materials. We seek clients who are prepared to take a stake in developing and securing these future technologies. Our next milestones are to construct appropriate refining equipment and produce sufficient end use “drop in” fuels for full vehicle testing trials.


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