Producing fine chemicals from wild algae

Producing fine chemicals from wild algae

In addition to the refinement of kerosene, diesel and petroleum fractions from Green Crude™, Aquaflow has identified a number of other interesting potential products, including bio-derived chemicals.

More research and development work is required to separate these materials, purify them and establish their economic viability, but some of their potential applications are as specialty industry solvents, pre-cursors for polymer manufacture, surfactants (detergents) and pharmaceutical components.

Aquaflow has taken steps to secure intellectual property around these and other chemicals derived from green crude.

Aquaflow’s chemistry development programme runs in parallel with the process and plant development, providing innovation that continually improves our conversion technology. We have a very good understanding of the main chemicals present in the Green Crude™. We are investigating their potential applications as a result of our chemistry development programme. We are currently developing new methods, as we attempt to find ways to economically separate and refine the green crude into specialty chemical fractions.


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