Restoring the health of natural waterways

 Restoring the health of natural waterways

Aquaflow can support the clean up of waterways in which elevated nutrient levels are causing unnaturally high algal growth. Elevated nutrient levels can be caused by human and animal waste, fertiliser run off and from some industrial waste waters. The algae absorb these nutrients as they grow. Therefore the use of our efficient algae harvesting and dewatering technologies to remove the algae also removes a significant amount of nutrient contamination in the waterways.

This capability is well advanced, and is being applied to a programme in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, aiming to remove algal blooms in the Rotorua Lakes. The relatively low algae concentrations, which are currently 10 to 1000 times less than in municipal waste water, will demonstrate the most demanding real world performance of our harvesting system in both efficiency and operating cost. The pilot programme will also quantify the environmental benefit and show that there are no unexpected detrimental effects caused by the process.

Aquaflow is looking for further sites to install pilot programmes to provide data to support large scale regional projects.


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