Sequestering nutrients from certain industrial waste streams

Sequestering nutrients from certain industrial waste streams

Some industrial waste water streams containing nutrients can create excellent conditions for algal growth. Controlling the CO2, nutrients and environment in the waste stream can optimise algal growth. Carbon dioxide emissions are produced by energy generation in most industrial processes. The algal biomass can then be harvested using Aquaflow technology, and this biomass used as a feedstock for high value renewable products and biofuels.

By integrating our technologies with the waste streams available at a given site we can create conditions favorable for algae growth and enhance the natural productivity. Our management processes and culture techniques use wild algae and focus on using enhanced natural pond designs. Our partners in this process, UOP, have advanced systems that recover and purify carbon dioxide from waste gases as well as the instrumentation and control systems that allow very precise monitoring and tuning of all critical elements of the algal growth environment.

Our partnership with UOP brings global resources, capability and supporting technology and has resulted in a joint development project supported by the US Department of Energy. Effective solutions will be site specific, and we encourage clients to contact us to discuss their site for evaluation.


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