Upgrading water quality

Upgrading water quality

Aquaflow sees algae harvesting as the vital first stage in purifying contaminated water. In order to grow, algae feed on nitrates, phosphates and other nutrients. A significant amount of contamination is therefore contained within the algal biomass, which can be removed along with the algae. After harvesting the algae, five stages of treatment can be applied to the resulting water. Stage 1 removes the last residual algal material; stages 2 and 3 remove any remaining solid particles; stage 4 removes any other microbial contamination and stage 5 removes undesirable and hard to remove contaminants.

Having completed proof of concept studies, Aquaflow is now developing the pre-commercial processes for upgrading waste water to the highest water quality standards. We are looking for partners that can contribute to the verification and scale up processes we are undertaking to achieve these goals.


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