Multi-Green Fuels™ demonstration facility

For the past four years, Aquaflow has been conducting research and development on a multi-biomass approach to biofuels in which the unique chemical qualities of algae can be maximized…more

Blenheim Municipal Wastewater

Aquaflow has been harvesting wild algae from a municipal waste water site in Blenheim, New Zealand for over 2 years. Our algae Harvester unit processes 35m3 of algae laden water per hour…more

Pilot clean up programme at the Rotorua lakes

Over the last century, human activity has contributed to significant rises in the nutrient levels of natural waterways. At the Rotorua lakes in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Aquaflow is engaging in a pilot programme to test water remediation technologies and remove algal blooms from the lake…more

Sequestering industrial waste demonstration project

On the 3rd of March, 2010, Aquaflow announced that it will be working with Honeywell’s UOP on a project to demonstrate technology that captures carbon dioxide and cultivates algae for use in biofuels and energy production …more

Green Crude™ Refining Partnership

Aquaflow has been working closely with UOP, a Honeywell Corporation in the US, to optimise the refining of Green Crude™, a product of algal biomass. UOP is the world’s foremost refining technology company and Aquaflow is the only company in the world to have supplied UOP with any quantity of algae oil from wild algae… more




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