Blenheim Municipal Wastewater


Aquaflow has been harvesting wild algae from a municipal waste water site in Blenheim, New Zealand for over 5 years. Our algae Harvester unit processes 35m3 of algae laden water per hour and operation has continued throughout all seasons, including temperatures below freezing. The advantage of the wild algae model is that the populations of the many algae species rise and fall in response to competition and ambient conditions, maintaining a natural equilibrium. The Blenheim Municipal Wastewater site:

  • Contains 60ha of open oxidation ponds.
  • Serves a population of 27,000 with a mix of municipal and agro-industrial waste, including a significant wine industry.
  • Produces an annual water flow of 5 billion litres.

Our experience at this site has allowed us to produce significant data to support the performance of the harvesting process both in quality and energy consumption, and has acted as a starting point for further innovation in our follow-up programmes.




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